Loading up with LODE

2 min readNov 29, 2023

Timeswap is part of the superfluid collateral journey with another asset: LODE! With the integration of LODE as collateral, users can now put their capital to good use. We are excited to enable more assets as the Time Machine keeps growing by the day!

Finding the motherlode

Lodestar Finance is an algorithmic money market protocol built on Arbitrum that enables users to borrow and lend assets. With a TVL of over $47 million, Lodestar has shown that they have, indeed, hit the motherlode.

Lodestar Finance is an algorithmic borrowing and lending protocol designed to introduce decentralised money markets to Arbitrum communities. The protocol offers several key features, including the ability to earn interest on assets like MAGIC, DPX, and plvGLP by supplying them, collateralizing deposits for borrowing crypto assets, accessing liquidity without triggering taxable events, employing leveraged trading strategies, and unlocking the liquidity of yield-bearing assets without sacrificing the underlying yield.

Lodestar Finance’s mission is to extend decentralised lending services to emerging Arbitrum communities, in order to create added value for token holders and DAOs. As the Arbitrum ecosystem evolves, the protocol aims to identify more communities for collaboration and contribute to the growth of Layer 2 native communities that require essential DeFi infrastructure.

What can you do with it?

We are launching the LODE token as collateral! This allows you to borrow USDC against your existing LODE capital with no liquidations and at a fixed rate.

What are the possibilities, you say?

  • Non-liquidatable leverage: Borrow USDC against your LODE collateral. Deposit back into the Lodestar USDC pool to earn more LODE rewards!
  • Fixed-rate hedging: Want to limit your downside from LODE price volatility? Borrow USDC and hedge your position!
  • Superfluid capital: Unlocks the potential of LODE tokens to be more than just a governance or reward token. Borrowing against it can now also lead to improved liquidity on Lodestar itself.

Pool Details

  • Network: Arbitrum One
  • Collateral asset: LODE
  • Supplied/borrow asset: USDC.e
  • Transition price: 0.2 LODE/USDC.e
  • Initial APR: 2%
  • Maturity: December 27, 2023 at 12:00 UTC (~4 weeks)

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