Multichain of Madness: Part Six

3 min readDec 11, 2023


Timeswap is now live on Optimism!

The Time Machine scales another horizon and finds itself in the Optimism Collective. After launching on Base, which is based on the OP Stack, we are heading to the homeworld! Optimism is the second largest ecosystem in rollups and the Time Machine couldn’t be parked in a better place. L2s scale Ethereum, and Timeswap scales tokens!

Why be so optimistic about Optimism?

Optimism has experienced an incredible journey, marked by significant milestones that underscore its adoption and the potential to serve as the foundation for a robust DeFi ecosystem. Standing at nearly a billion dollars in TVL, it’s safe to say that people trust Optimism and their vision!

Multiple innovative protocols like Synthetix and Velodrome have also shown the power of optimistic thinking! With Retroactive Public Goods Funding, Optimism is also quickly becoming an important catalyst for bringing the vision of permissionless financing to the forefront by building a sustainable ecosystem to make sure things chug along just right.

What does Timeswap bring to the Optimism ecosystem?

The burgeoning growth of the Optimism ecosystem and trading volumes, suggests rapid development. Consequently, we anticipate encountering challenges, fluctuations, and stress tests, especially within DeFi protocols.

Within any DeFi ecosystem, lending and borrowing stand as foundational elements. Establishing a resilient money market capable of securely supporting numerous ecosystem tokens is paramount. Traditional lending and borrowing platforms face limitations in low-liquidity environments due to their reliance on liquidations and susceptibility to various attack vectors. Security gains heightened importance in nascent ecosystems with thin liquidity and evolving infrastructure. In this context, Timeswap emerges as the preferred lending and borrowing platform, offering a protocol independent of liquidation, alongside the capability to accommodate any ERC-20 or ERC-4626 token.

Timeswap is the world’s first oracleless, AMM-based lending and borrowing protocol, applicable to any ERC-20 and ERC-4626 token. Lenders using Timeswap earn a fixed yield on their tokens for a predetermined period, while borrowers gain access to non-liquidatable loans by paying a fixed interest amount.

With our entry into Optimism, users can now leverage safer by taking advantage of Timeswap’s unique architecture to make money markets for assets that cannot be listed on other markets with fixed terms and no liquidations!

The Genesis Pools

To begin our journey on Optimism, we’re launching two OP pools!. These pools enable collateralisation of the OP token to borrow USDC or borrowing OP by locking up USDC as collateral at fixed interest rates. Lenders can earn fixed interest rates by lending USDC/OP into the pools.

You want more reasons to be optimistic? These are also Premine pools, which means additional TIME rewards for both borrowers and lenders! Expect incredible things.

Pool 1

Collateral asset: OP

Borrow/Supplied asset: USDC

Maturity: February 19, 2024 at 12:00 UTC (~10 weeks)


Pool 2

Collateral asset: USDC

Borrow/Supplied asset: OP

Maturity: February 19, 2024 at 12:00 UTC (~10 weeks)


If you want to learn more about how your project can utilise Timeswap or create a lending/borrowing market for your assets (including receipt and LP tokens), please fill out this form.

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