STIP rewards are here, Making 3-digit yields a reality!!

3 min readNov 15, 2023

Timeswap has secured 200k ARB ($225k) in liquidity incentives from ArbitrumDAO’s ‘Short-Term Incentives Program (STIP)’. These incentives are matched with Premined $TIME tokens worth $400k, bringing in dual rewards for lenders/borrowers and LPs.

  • A total of 200k ARB rewards will be allocated to lenders & borrowers.
  • Premine $TIME token rewards worth $400k will be distributed in the same duration. Allocation of TIME rewards will differ from ARB.

Now that the ARB rewards have arrived, let’s look into how you can make the most out of these incentives.

STIP rewards distribution: Here’s what you need to know!

As relayed in our STIP proposal, the ARB rewards will be allocated towards ARB, ETH and Partner pools. Partner pools include Pendle’s PT-GLP, TraderJoe’s sJOE, GMX’s ETH GM, etc. 200k ARB rewards will be utilised towards incentivising lenders and borrowers in the coming months.

Linear Decay:

Rewards in every pool decrease every second, encouraging users to engage in Lending/Borrowing as early as possible and for the longest duration. The best time to lend/borrow is right after the rewards go live.

Genesis pool

The ARB/USDC pool expiring on 22nd December is the first pool to receive ARB rewards on top of the existing TIME rewards.

20k ARB rewards allocated to the pool.

  • 14k ARB for borrowers.
  • 6k ARB for lenders.

Lenders and Borrowers can earn high yields in the form of ARB rewards alongside TIME rewards. The claim period for ARB rewards will be announced later, join our discord to stay updated. TIME token rewards are distributed in the form of Premined TIME tokens. Premined TIME will be claimable 1:1 for $TIME tokens at the TGE. The TGE will tentatively happen in Q1, 2024.

Learn more about Premine $TIME here:

Yield Strategies

#1 Borrow -> Lend

Strategy APR -> 95% yields

  • Borrow ARB using USDC as collateral, Earn 99% APR.
  • Lend ARB back into the pool, earn 43% APR.
  • Pros: No liquidations till 22nd December.

#2 Lend ARB

Strategy APR -> 43% yields

  • Lend ARB into Timeswap for 43% APR.
  • Pros: Sell high if the price goes beyond $1.6.

#3 Borrow from Timeswap, LP on TraderJoe

Strategy APR -> 196% yields

  • Borrow ARB from Timeswap, and earn 99% APR.
  • LP on TraderJoe ARB/ETH Auto-Pool, earn 87.2% APR.
  • Stake Auto-Pool token, earn 104% staking rewards.
  • Pros: No Liquidations till 22nd Dec, controlled Impermanent Loss on TraderJoe due to rebalancing.

#4 Borrow from Timeswap, LP on Gamma strategies

Strategy APR -> 279.72% yields

  • Borrow ARB from Timeswap, and earn 99% APR.
  • LP on GammaStrategies ARB/USDC vault, earn 315% APR.
  • Pros: No Liquidations till 22nd Dec, controlled Impermanent Loss due to rebalancing.

TIME rewards combined with STIP grants are about to open the yield barrage for degen Time Travelers.

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