Timeswap Wrapped 2022

Time Travel with us to 2023, but first look how far we have come.

2022 was the year of downfalls for many, but for us it has been Up Only! From launching our V1 AMM on mainnet, to snazzy NFTs and the launch of our V2 AMM testnet, we look back at what has been, to prepare ourselves for what is to come. Through all this, we have been working to make our vision of a fully decentralised money market a reality, so let’s reminisce about the milestones we have hit.

Protocol Milestones

Beginning of Time — Big Bang

With the Big Bang aka V1 mainnet going live, we fulfilled our vision to build a fully decentralized money market and the reception was outstanding!

With over 45,000 transactions and over $2.5 million of lending and borrowing, it was evident there was a real need for a fully market driven & oracle-less money market and more importantly with the protocol being live on mainnet for over 9 months with no issues, we showed that this vision can also be executed. We are mighty proud that our protocol whethered all the volatility in the markets throughout the year and continues to function very well even today. We had over 6000 unique users vouching for Timeswap as they discover the power of non-liquidatable loans! More importantly all of this was achieved without a token incentive i.e our demand was organic and is sustainable

From zero to beyond

Supernova Impact

With the Supernova upgrade, we finally added permissionless liquidity addition to our pools. And Time Travelers showed their belief in us by adding more than $2.7 million of liquidity into Timeswap pools!

Unlike a dying star, though, our journey is just beginning, and we foresee even bigger things when users can finally create pools with the most community interest.

Techpriest Marvels

Timeswap also saw some cool technical feats this year. After the launch of the Genesis Pool in March, we have made some massive upgrades to our UX that makes it easier for users to navigate the protocol. These include gasless transactions via Biconomy, better estimates of gas needed for transactions, the impact of transaction sizes on pools, and more!

Captured: Devs going HARDCORE

For better analytics, we have built two comprehensive Dune dashboards. These give details on the number of transactions, value transacted, number of users etc. If someone wants even more granular details, we have also built our very own subgraph that can be leveraged by anyone to see what the protocol is doing. Transparent finance for everyone is a core ethos for us, and we are glad to help push this along.

Audits were also conducted at each major upgrade to make sure the protocol was secure and user funds would not be compromised! There were multiple Code4rena contests to get a public appraisal of the security of contracts.


DeFi is about giving users the best experience and freedom to transact as they will. In that vein, our partnerships are enhancing the protocol to keep pushing the boundaries!


Our integration with Biconomy helps users gaslessly onboard to Timeswap and is a major improvement to UX. New entrants to DeFi are not aware of the complexities of calculating gas to pay for transaction fees and this helps us handwave it away. Now, all you have to do is get a wallet and some funds to use, no more worries about running out of gas.


Permissionless finance should come with permissionless assets. QiDAO furthers this goal with their MAI stablecoin, collateralized by fully on-chain assets. This makes it far more transparent and trustworthy than centralized stablecoins that may have hidden liabilities that will not be visible to everyday users.

We have launched several pools that include MAI and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

We are also working to bring you some other amazing partnerships this new year, so watch out!


None of what we have done would have been possible without the constant support and ceaseless evangelism of Time Travelers around the blockchain. So, let’s look at what shenanigans we got up to with our community this year!

From meme battles to rap battles, we covered a lot this year. We also devised an innovative Time Points system to reward the most active contributors to our ecosystem. Every initiative our community team undertakes is now scored with a points system to make it fair and transparent to all and eliminate bias!

Some notable events of the year were:

  • Explaining how Oracleless and Permissionless systems are inherently superior in the form of a thread, written by our community!
  • Quizzes all year round from topics as diverse as maths, Timeswap, and even how we stack up against other protocols.
  • Partnering with Quest3, Pyme, Crew3, Galxe and guild to reward users who lend/borrow on Timeswap. Dedicated roles for our dedicated lenders, borrowers and LPs on our Discord was also on the menu!
  • Onboarded to Lens Protocol and got a record 8.9k followers in under 36 hours!
  • If you haven’t watched it already, go ahead and check out the Superteam podcast, where we explain what we are about in greater detail!
  • Friday Night Events like Treasure hunts for everyone and seeing who can bluff like a pro at Poker.
  • Many Community Calls and Twitter Spaces with experts from Polygon, Biconomy, Socket and others, where people could get all their questions answered and get rewarded for it!
  • Started hosting regular Inside Out sessions for our community members to get a daily update on what was going on behind the scenes.
  • Earning Time Points to climb the leaderboard and so much more!

What’s Next — Timeswap V2 Testnet

After a lot of tinkering, we are finally ready to launch Timeswap V2. And you know what that means? Yup, the new Testnet is here, and users are checking it out right now! Why don’t you go take a look? Don’t worry; this article isn’t going anywhere.

Back to the Future

The future looks bright, and with Time Travelers by our side, we cannot fail! After much ado, V2 is nearly upon us, bringing an even more capital-efficient money market to everyone!

The demand for a fixed term money market is now clear, and we are working hard to deliver the future of France that we all deserve. With the Testnet out, we hope to iron out all the kinks and squash all the bugs before bringing V2 to the public. The lessons we learn from it will be used to improve the protocol and align it with user interests.

V2 features some great improvements over V1. It is 5–6 times more capital efficient, allows for a better expression of preference through individually priced pools, and is significantly more secure. We can’t go into more detail right now, but stick around to find out. Follow us on Twitter and join Discord to get all the updates!

So, when you say Wen V2 mainnet? We say Soon, very Soon.

This year has been a wild ride for the ecosystem at large, and if you are still here, Congratulations! Bull or Bear, we are here to stay and BUIDL! And we did just that at ETHIndia at Bangalore this year: spreading the knowledge of how to swap tokens through time, airdropping swag and connecting with our decentralised community!

Here’s to a better 2023 for all of you from all of us at Timeswap, anon.



Like Uniswap, but for lending & borrowing

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